NIBO Trading & Recycling

Adres: Stevinweg 1
Postcode: 4691 SM Tholen
Telefoon: 0166-606144

Contactpersoon: Theo van de Velde
E-mail: [email protected]

Over NIBO Trading & Recycling
What began in 1990, trading plastic raw materials for a major trading company worked out to become Nibo Trading in 2002. Nibo Trading is a company active in trading plastics for the Plastic and Plastic Recycling Industry.

After numerous years’ experience in the polymer industry the decision was made to start an own company and in a short time NIBO Trading became a professional and international active company with the head office in Tholen / The Netherlands. Over the years NIBO Trading build up good and reliable relations with Suppliers, end-users and recycling companies for its products

We supply reprocessed, grinded and plastic waste materials from all over Europe.
NIBO Trading can be a serious partner to solve your plastic waste problem. We have suitable solutions and partners to recycle plastic waste into new products again.

Practicing all this we try to create a cleaner and better environment for the "next generation"
We also have the possibility to offer Prime and Off Spec materials from WE Producers. For more info please see the news page or contact us for more ins and outs.

Also we are active in sports. Since January 2006 NIBO Trading has a sponsor contract for 6 years with Football club FC Volendam and in 2011 we have added another 6 years to it. This is because of the good relation with Kras Recycling in Volendam.

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